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Z Royale

Z. Royale is a queer writer from New York city who recently moved to Amsterdam. She published her first novel, Appetite. last year and is now working on her second novel Prediction. this summer. Her writing is queer, erotic, urbane, psychological, spiritual, perverse, romantic, open, curious, aesthetic, carnal, esoteric, and raw. When she is not writing, she is teaching writing workshops, dancing, and making sculpture. 

Leer mij...

De bedoeling is dat bezoekers een gebruiksvoorwerp aanreiken of een woord. Wel moet u zelf aangeven wat er erotisch is aan gebruiksvoorwerp en woord. Of u moet het samen met Z erotiseren.

“The first line will be:

Leer mij....

And the participants will continue from there. The idea is that they will teach me something sexy in Dutch. At the end of the exhibit, I will have a full poem that I will read aloud based on what I learned. This exchange will both help teach me how to use Dutch in erotic ways and also inspire my work. It will show my desire to communicate erotically in the Dutch language as I aim to eventually write Dutch erotic poetry to expand this genre.”


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